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Obedience to The Santa Cruz Prophecy

Obedience to The Santa Cruz Prophecy
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From 20th September 2007 when the prophecy was given to us by the Lord through Bro Zach, we tried to be serious for a while, but soon relaxed with financial problems as an excuse.

By then, we had vibrant churches in about seven localities of Malawi only, namely: Lilongwe, Blantyre, Mzuzu, Liwonde, Bangula, Kapiri and Zomba. We had also produced an international missionary couple – the Phiris – whom Bro Zach sent out to Chipata, Zambia that same year 2007. In fact, we used to receive the congratulations of Bro Zach often for the work we were doing and we thought we were on the right tempo, speed and alacrity. When the prophecy came out, we set to work struggling to get the church in Lilongwe grow and to plant new churches in other localities of Malawi. We did not make much headway. Then we went, as a delegation, to meet Bro Theodore in Harare, Zimbabwe when he came there to visit the church. That was on 14th September 2010. By then, we had planted churches in a total of 16 localities of Malawi, including Lilongwe. He cut our hearts when he challenged us to go from churches in about 16 localities to churches in 40 localities within a year.

In fact, I mused within myself, saying, “If in eleven years of ministry in Malawi, we have succeeded to have churches only in 16 localities, what miracle will happen to plant 24 in about a year?” After all the musing, I concluded, saying, “With God all things are possible. The Santa Cruz Prophecy says so and Bro Theodore says so. It will be done!” In this way, the matter was settled. When we came back, we set to work. In one village, Machilika, not far from the Malawi border with Zambia where we went in obedience to the prophecy, we knew one man that a brother had met and spoken with during a funeral. Once we got to the village, we just went under the shed of a huge tree close to the village market and began singing. People started coming, mostly men and children. A handful of women showed up as word quickly spread round that we were blood-sucking Satanists who had come to carry out our witchcraft on them. The men and children came out of stubbornness!

Looking at the men who came, it was like standing in the midst of an Indian hemp smoking class. They all had burnt lips and fingers from so many years of smoking Indian hemp, factory-made cigarettes and local cigarettes. It was a frightful scene. We preached that day like dying men to a dying people. There were over a hundred people present that day. An overwhelming majority of them gave their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ that day. We told them clearly that we had come to plant a church and that they would constitute the first members of that church. When I asked myself the question as to what would happen to them after we were gone, the Lord told me to pray for them to be baptised into the Holy Spirit. We obeyed there and then and they were baptised into the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. The whole place exploded in tongues and many people said the Satanism had gone crazy! The men asked us who would be their leader after our departure and we answered that the Lord would raise one from their midst. After this, the chief of the village told some of them to tell us that a nephew of his was sick in his house. We advised all those who had just believed to go with us including the children. We went there and prayed for this young man and the group again exploded in tongues.

Soon after that, one of our converts there – an illiterate man – phoned us to say he wanted to come to Lilongwe with about 7 people to see the headquarters of our ministry. We Okayed him and they actually came and told us that the church was going on and that this illiterate man was their leader!!! The church has since grown and been strengthened there. They are now actually about to start planting churches in neighbouring localities. In 2011, they succeeded to build a meeting hall that is bigger even than that which we have in Lilongwe. They moulded the bricks themselves, burned them and built the structure by themselves! The illiterate leader is presently learning to read and write and was able to write a few things for me to see two weeks ago. We were in 19 localities as of December 31st 2011. Then I went to participate at the prayer crusade in Cameroon while also putting together information that would constitute the biography of Bro Zach. I kept closely coaching the brethren from there by phone, text messages and emails. They set to work and by June 2011, they had planted churches in 18 new localities, bringing the total to 37 from 19. My task was to consolidate the gains by teaching these churches. By the end of the year, we were in 42 localities. All glory to God! That was 26 localities more than the 16 we were in when Bro Theodore had given us the challenge. In over a year, we had almost tripled the number of churches in the nation!

Our whole perspective has changed. Once everybody deserted the Lord Jesus and he asked the Twelve whether they too were not deserting. Simon Peter answered on their behalf, saying, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We believe and know that you are the Holy One of God”(John 6:67,68). We echo those words insisting that it was the Lord who spoke through Bro Zach. The church here has been revived as we obeyed the Santa Cruz Prophecy. After coming to Malawi in 1999, my deliverance ministry soon began to wane. More and more, I began thinking that giving time to deliver people from demons was wasting precious time. By the time the Santa Cruz prophecy came out, my deliverance ministry was near nil. During the revival, it has been miraculously restored. We have witnessed many people saved, delivered from demons, healed of diseases, set free from their curses and blessed in remarkable ways. During our meetings in Blantyre, Mzuzu and many other places, we have seen unbelievers as well as well established believers delivered from demons, with the demons coming out with shrieks, shakes and shouts. In Blantyre, some deacons that had demons just urinated on the sofas on which they were sitting during the service.

During deliverance in Mzuzu, the leader’s wife just collapsed like a pack of cards and began crawling to hide under a sofa. In various places, many vomited, shook, shouted, shrieked, cried and did many other kinds of things that one would not expect from well established believers. When we re-began deliverance in the church, I was casting out demons on the second day, when I suddenly noticed some demons manifesting and leaving me!!! Even the deliverance minister himself had some demons! Another elder felt fire burning through his as we ministered deliverance, such that he almost ran off into the dark. Are these not some of the things God told us in the Santa Cruz Prophecy that we would see happening? If you believe that prophecy, you will see it happen. If you believe and obey it, it will happen as the Lord has said. As for me, my perception of soul-winning, disciple-making and saturation church-planting have undergone a revolution. I am not the same since then.

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